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by Ebony
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Sometimes I wanna run away from my responsibilities

Because of the guilt inside of me

Sometimes I want to put my daughter off on someone else

Cause I can't seem to handle her myself

When she gets mad, she throws stuff in my face,

all of the things that i did when I freebased

Like her christmas gifts I told her I would replace

and all the dope she found in my cigerette case

All the times I left her home alone

cooking something to eat, she had to do on her own

I treated that girl like she was grown

Every night she smelled a different man's colonge

All of the promises, all of the lies,

all the times I left her with tears in her eyes

Now that i'm clean, my daughter is in her teens

all the resentment she has for me makes me wanna scream

when i disclipline her now she tells me i'm mean

but now I just want to do the right thing

i can't make up for all the lost time

and sometimes I feel that i'm losing my mind

Sometimes peace is so hard to find

All of the things I put her through

Like her father abusing her when she was two

and every year she's in a different school

Man, the things she's been through really ain't cool

All of these things cause her mother was a fool

Problems seem to come one after another

and sometimes I feel like i'm not a good mother

But I believe that as I get better, she'll get better too

and all of the anger, we'll work through

and one day maybe she will see.

That I had a nasty disease called ADDICTION inside of me