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my inspirations
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when i wake up in the morning i get my pen and paper, write down my thoughts, my feelings, revealing my dreams that were never seen, touched, looked upon or thought, how could they though if they were all in my heart? my pen tells me to write what comes to mind, my paper tells me to make people really read between the lines, make them feel and experience what i write as if it was your own life. they tell me make the illiterate read, teach to the unteachable, listen to the unspeakable, my pen plus my paper equals words you never heard or seen before. i could make the blind see who i am and who you really are, you couldn't make that happen even if you wished upon a star. my pen and my paper force me to be who i want to be, they tell me im a poet and im destined to be. they don't tell lies, to beef, try to cheat, try to be my enemy, if anything they'd be the best friend to me, becuz who are they without me? my pen and my paper will never decieve me, my pen and my paper are my inspirations, they are my momma, my daddy, and any other type of relation. they help me face a problem, they say use us pen and paper and write down all of your drama. they help me reach my goals, achieve, believe, they say its not hard work if you don't bleed, scream, or get to the point to where you want to throw away your dreams. easy is bad, hard is good, if the hardness doesn't kill you it'll only make you stronger. the easy route i can no longer take, i can't take another day, i gotta find success cuz i know i could be my best, nevertheless, when i feel stressed, my pen and my paper put me on the right track. they wont let nobody try to stick my words on their paper even if they use tape or a stapeler. my words are major, they cut through any man of steel, my words are fatal they are a killer instinct, they will kill you in an instant. this is how my words are when i use my pen and paper, when they come out from within, they say hallelujah, praise the Lord, thank you Jesus, amen. they say let us be your savior, let us be the one you favor, and when my paper is blank with nothing to show, my mind is full and about to blow, i can no longer maintain the pressure on my brain, its piling to the extent, the immense has too much strength. its all good cuz my mind is a savage when it comes to this, when you remember this, you gone reminisce, my pen and my papers savageness, becuz my pen and my paper are my inspiration.