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voices in my head
by Ebony
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People tell me that i'm pretty
but they don't know what's inside of me
ooooooohhhhhhh how i wish to be free
free from all the insanity
deamons invading my mind
peace, i can't seem to find
do so much wrong, when i wanna do right
but in my head, there's no hope in sight
i try to fight it with all of my might
but they speak to me, especially at night.
how do i stop these voices in my head?
tomorrow, sometimes i dread
so consumed with fear that i wish i was dead
or somewhere creepin in some man's bed
to help me ignore these feelings inside
the guilt, the shame and the false pride
wanna run from myself, but there's nowhere to hide
somebody please give me instant gratification
to numb the feelings of my situation
but the euphoric feelings is only temporary relief
from all the emotions inside of me
Then i her a small voice deep within me
told me to get down on my knees
cry out to GOD and he'll help me
just be sincere and he'll set me free
from all the demons inside of me
surrender to his will, tie a knot and hold on
just do the right thing and he'll keep me strong
it sounds so easy and sometimes it's a struggle
but i just try my best to keep myself outta trouble!