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Frustrating Relations
by Derek Davis
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Why are relationships so frustrating, you ask? Well, Iíll tell you. Relationships are frustrating because men and women are just too different. Our minds work in completely divergent ways. Women become upset over the most insanely trivial things. And men become upset when weíre fighting over bullshit. A word of advice to the ladies out there; life is too short as it is. Thereís no need to waste two hours of it arguing over leaving the toilet seat up. Relax a little and enjoy your precious time on this planet. Your man isnít perfect, far from it but, hereís a bulletin; neither are you! The more you nag over the banal, the more you push him away, often into the arms of someone less agitating. Men are simple creatures, we donít ask for or need much; sex, a home cooked meal every now and then, and a ballgame. We donít sweat the small stuff and while we understand that you do, we donít need to be deluged with your petty gripes. A relationship of constant arguing is destined for dissolution. Keep that in mind the next time you catch a hissy fit because he didnít put the cap back on the toothpaste.