Thursday, August 21, 2008

Go Ahead Make My Day, Punk!

Is it still a blog if you type it in Microsoft Word? Doesn't that ignore the original spirit of blogging? Aren't these things supposed to be off the cuff? Well, they're also supposed to be updated daily and that for damn sure hasn't been happening, I guess I just suck at blogging. Much like I sucked at baseball as a Little Leaguer. Good thing I kind of paid attention in school. Which leads me to today’s topic; how much more would you have paid attention in school if your teacher was strapped?

That's right school districts in Texas (big fucking surprise) in their infinite wisdom have decided that their classrooms will be safer if they're teachers are packin. This King Solomon like decision is in response to the spate of school shootings that have swept across this country in the past decade. Typical close minded conservative thinking; instead of paying more attention to those kids so alienated by their peers that they develop nihilistic disorders, let's just arm our geriatric teachers so they can blast them sumofabitches before they kill themselves and everybody else in the school.

What's next airline pilots with guns?
Oh…. Nevermind

This country just gets dumber and dumber.


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